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Thank you for visiting

Thank you for visiting

Dear Shareholders, Advisors, Friends and Observers:
At Probabilities Fund Management, LLC we thank you for conducting due diligence on our investment strategies.
  • We believe that our PEOPLE are thought leaders in our space.
  • We believe that our tactical PHILOSOPHY to be ‎in or out, leveraged or short the market based on historical trends and patterns makes sense.
  • We believe that our rules based PROCESS is repeatable.
  • We believe that our audited PERFORMANCE speaks for itself.
  • We believe that in order for the investor to achieve the investment performance of the fund, the investor must have PATIENCE and be invested in the Fund for
    "the long run".
  • We believe that for the investor to exceed Fund performance, investor should dollar cost average and buy on dips.
  • We believe that the right people, philosophy and process ‎will logically lead to acceptable long term investment performance.
  • We believe that correct investor behavior -(patience), as the market "climbs the wall of worry" over the long run, through normal volotilty or even rank and file
    "this time is different" periods, *gives investors the best chance for reaching goals and objectives
  • We believe a professional advisor, as a fiduciary, provides value in conducting due diligence, helping investors understand of risks involved in investing.
  • We believe it is important to read the prospectus.
  • We believe that our strategies compliment well thought out "traditional" buy and hold or balanced portfolios.
  • We believe that the best investment is in family and friends.
Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.
Probabilities Fund Management LLC